What is borrowing on Hela P2P Online Platform?

This whereby individual wishes to get an easy and quick access to loans online.

This spares one the rigor of going to financial institutions in person or waiting for prolonged approval procedures.

Once loan applications by borrowers are received, reviewed and approved by Hela Capital, they are made available to the registered investors on the P2P platform.

Hela Capital Limited acts as the intermediator between the Investors and Borrowers on the P2P platform.

How does a Borrower benefit from the Hela P2P online platform?

  • Borrow at low interest rates.
  • Simplified loan applications and processing procedures.
  • Efficient as no need to face meeting. Transactions discussed and finalized online.
  • Business start-ups to gain funding without having to approach banks.
  • Access loan statements and other information online

What is Hela Capital’s Role in the Hela P2P online platform that Benefits the Borrower?

  • Provides a credible and secure match-making P2P platform.
  • Acts as the intermediary between individual borrowers and investors.
  • Advises investors on borrower’s ability to secure higher loans.
  • Undertakes due diligence and credit checking of the borrowers before availing them on the platform for investing.
  • Sets interest rates on the basis of an analysis of the borrower’s credit.
  •  Keeps custody of critical investing and borrowers information

What procedures do I follow to borrow a Loan with Hela Online Platform?

  1. Complete online loan application form on helacapitals.com
  2. Assessment and approval of the application by Hela team
  3. Application availed on the P2P platform for investors
  4. Log-in to the P2P platform for real-time tracking of the loan status
  5. Access loan statements and other information online