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Salary advances! Salary Advances!!!

There is a lot of mystery surrounding this product!

And like all mysterious things, myths and misconceptions arise. A lot of misinformation has led to a large number of people miss out from benefiting from Salary Advances. That is why, We, a provider of Hela Pesa Salary Advances   are here to demystify salary advances

Let’s look at some of the myths and misconceptions that surround salary advances.

Some of the common myths are:

  1. Myth One: Salary advances are offered at banks only
  2. Myth Two:Salary advances affect your CRB   ratings s
  3. Myth Three: Processing of salary advances is tedious
  4. Myth Four: You cannot get two salary advances

Let’s explore these myths in detail and bust them!

 Myth Number One: Salary Advances are offered at banks only:

A lot of people think that they can only get advances from banks or from some institutions where they need to personally visit and give their details, across the counter!  This is False.

You can get your salary advances from the HELA PESA app at the convenience of your home, you do not even have to be near a bank or any financial institution.  All you need to do is to download Hela Pesa APP from Google Play store, Register and Apply for your Salary Advance!

The Hela Pesa app means that you can conveniently access your Salary Advance anytime and everywhere!

 Myth Number Two: Salary Advances affects your   CRB rating:

This again is very false.

The Hela Pesa salary advance is based on a check off arrangement meaning that you cannot be listed on the credit reference bureau.   Therefore, you do not have to worry that taking up a salary advance with  Hela Pesa  will be affect your credit rating, If anything , Hela Pesa  Salary Advance  helps safe guard you from the CRB listing

Myth Number Three: Processing of salary advances is tedious:

Nothing could be further from the truth! All processes regarding Hela Pesa Advances are done online!

This means that the process is simple. There are no paperwork needed or requirement of approval from your supervisor. You just download your App, Register and Apply. Once an approval is done, you receive your Salary Advance conveniently on your Mpesa line  

 Myth Number Four: You cannot get two Salary Advances:  

This is one of the biggest myths that needs to be busted!

You can actually get more than one salary advance from Hela pesa!  In fact, if you encounter a dire emergency and you need some cash to sort it out asap, Hela Pesa Salary Advance immediately becomes your friend in Need!  You can also go ahead and  access your third salary advance or even a Top up.

Now that we have busted the myths and misconceptions surrounding Salary Advance loans, we are sure  that your interest is piqued and you would like to tell your friends and colleagues about HELA PESA SALARY ADVANCE  or you would like to go ahead and even take advantage of  it !

Just go to Google play store, down load Hela Pesa App, Register and Apply for your Convenient Salary Advance.

We will be more that happy to serve you!

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