Shoppers Paradise,  Nakuru

Call:0795 637 092 / 0789 858 854


Madonna House, Westlands, Nairobi

Call:0795 637 092 / 0789 858 854

For Enquiries Call: +254 207 766 666, Whatsapp: +254 742 866 677 or Email Us:


Support Specialist


“She always says hello and smiles to customers. She welcomes them with a lot of appreciation,
dignity and honour. She portrays proper grasp and mastery of the various items and products on
offer. She not only responds to clients’ queries but also offers additional information for clarity. Not
only does she sell to customers but also offers them advice on how using a product can help solve
their problem and satisfy their need. She is polite to them and is very helpful …….”

“Yeah, that’s how a perfect shopkeeper should be,” I interrupted. “No, no, no, noooooo,” my
workmate quickly interrupted, “I’m not talking about a shopkeeper, I just described to you the Hela
Pesa Salary Advance!

Efficient, helpful and pleasant Customer Care , is what Hela Pesa Customer Care C entre is all

Hela Pesa company has a well-trained, qualified personnel that gives proper and professional
customer care to their customers The firm is so efficient that requests for salary advance are
processed within minutes just after approval is done . It’s fantastic customer care has led to mobile
salary advance clients increasing to their thousands, all drawn from Parastatals, Civil Service, C
Selected County Governments, the National Police Service, the Judiciary, and the Teachers Service

You can have a one-on-one conversation with Hela Pesa via their Call Care telephone number +254
207 766 666 OR through their WhatsApp line +254 742 866 677 or through their email address
If you want to access your salary advance ,meet a pressing need and have peace of mind , look no
further than Hela Pesa Salary Advanc!

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Son, A good partner is one who is confidential


“Son, A good partner is one who is confidential, secretive and does not tell or give personal details to outsiders. A good partner has a lot to offer his or her colleagues. A good partner is one whom you can sought out your differences with, without publicizing and involving other people or outsiders. A good partner wouldn’t put you to shame if you fail to give back. A good partner is also kind, and honest.”

“But, but mum, a good partner should also be beautiful!” I interrupted but she responded cheerfully “Son ! I’m not talking about a wife or marriage partner, Silly!  I’m referring to a financial partner, and specifically Hela Pesa APP !!!.”

Hela Pesa is a Mobile App  ‘credit only’ Limited Company. It offers  mobile sala Pesary advances  to  thousands of its customers  drawn form the  Civil Service,  Parastatals, Teachers Service Commission, National Police service,  National Youth Service  and selected counties.

 Hela Pesa is  not just a financial institution. It  is a trusted  convenient  financial partner.  A real example of a friend in need!

Hela Pesa has a state-of-the-art technology that ensures your personal details/information does not leak or get hacked. No Hela Pesa Customer has ever heard that their friends  or family have been called by Hela Pesa informing them  that they need to  pay up their loan!

If Confidentiality was a company, it would be Hela Pesa.!

Some financial firms put you to shame if you fail to pay your loan on time. They contact your relatives telling them how you’ve defaulted, and also go to extend of publicizing your name in media. But with Hela Pesa, that is UNHEARD of  !!

 Hela Pesa are professional, flexible and understanding.  With Hela Pesa, there are No Threats, No Intimidation, No blackmail.

 Download Hela Pesa APP   from google play store, register and apply! Be served by the best  

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Ways to Grow Your Business


Business growth is one of those terms that is thrown around a lot nowadays. For me, this used to simply mean increasing revenue.

As a business owner myself, I’m focused. My eyes are ‘on the prize’.

However, in my pursuit to continue to grow my own businesses, and start-up new ones – I have come to a realization. Actually a few… And I’d like to share these three quick tips that I hope you seriously consider taking on board, so that you can start growing your business a little faster in today’s market.

#1 – Give Stuff Away for Free!

Giving something of great value away for absolutely nothing is huge in today’s market. In his book ‘World Wide Rave’, author David Meerman Scott talks about creating a trigger that encourages people to share something, anything, with others – and people will naturally arrive at your doorstep. I followed his advice, wrote a number of free eBooks, and they’ve since been downloaded by over 15,000 people collectively – and I know for a fact that many, many people have passed them on to other people, and so – my own personal little World Wide Rave began, and is still if full swing!

Create something of massively high value. Something that you would SELL, to make money. And then simply give it away, baby!

#2 – Innovate, Don’t Duplicate!

Nobody likes a copy-cat! Seriously. Nobody. I spoke about this recently. Think about it – you’ve seen products or even service related companies before in the past, that have blatantly ripped off someone else’s idea… right? I know I have, and I have even had it happen to me, too!

Copying or duplicating someone else’s idea might, in the short-term make you a little cash, but long-term? Forgeddaboutit!!! (said in a Tony Soprano voice!).

To grow your business proactively, and with long-term in mind, you must be seen to be doing something differently. Or, at least doing something that other people are doing in a totally different way – whatever that may be.

If someone else has a dog walking company that is doing well, and you’re also passionate about walking dogs – by all means, start a dog walking company, too. But, perhaps add a little spice into the whole thing and promise ‘doggie aerobics’ as part of your sales package, or something similar. Business growth is about being different. Standing out. Making things happen on your own terms… and most importantly – its about PASSION!

#3 – Build a Personal Brand!

People want to do business with other people. Seriously. This is something that I go into quite a bit of detail on in my 7-Day ‘New Business’ Bootcamp – and for good reason.

The way we build and marketing our companies has changed drastically. We can build credibility, authority and genuinely help our prospective customers by solving problems for them, and inspiring them in different ways, in relation to what we can provide to them.

Getting active on social media channels, recording helpful ‘How To’ videos and uploading them to YouTube, even creating a podcast are all great ways to help people, and build a brand for yourself and your business.

It’s golden! Build a personal brand, people!

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