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Hela Pesa APP , the best and convenient Salary Advance solution for our Prison officers.


Are you a Kenya Prisons officer?  Have you heard about the Hela Pesa App?

Do you need a quick salary advance loan? Are all the loan apps frustrating you?

Worry not for I come with good news!

The good news is that your challenges with receiving a mobile salary advance are over courtesy of Hela Pesa App!!  

The Hela Pesa loan app, is a mobile salary advance loan app that offers salary advances to all staff of the Kenya prisons and other civil servants right from the convenience of their phones! No paperwork! No savings are required in exchange of the Advances!

With the Hela Pesa app,  If you are a staff of Kenya Prisons officers or a  civil servant, you  can access a salary advance loan that has a very flexible repayment period.  That means that you can chose to pay up within One month or within a duration of Twenty-Four months, whichever you are comfortable with.

You will also not need to leave your duty stations  to travel to any branch office as , everything is conveniently done  online .

Therefore, even if you are stationed in Kamiti maximum, Shimo la Tewa, Mandera , Naivasha,   Nakuru ,Industrial area right here at the heart of Nairobi City or in any other station in any part of Kenya, tHela Pesa Salary Advance App ensures that you can receive your salary advance  and hence sort out your financial challenge, giving you peace of mind!

Hela Pesa App is so easy to use!   Registration is completed within 5 minutes.

 All you  need to Register is  into Hela Pesa App is :

Step 1- Go to play store, search for the Hela Pesa and install

Step 2- Provide basic registration and employment details

Step 3 – Enter your Mpesa number and confirm it to request for an OTP

Step 4 – Enter OTP number 

Step 5- Create password for your account to be activated

In case you maywant to directly download our app click on the link below;

All you need to do to Apply for  your Hela Salary Advance is very simple:

 Just click on Request Advance button and Apply for Salary Advance

 The Hela Pesa team is dedicated towards ensuring that, once your send required documents on time, you receive your salary advance loan on time !

 Hence you can concentrate on your noble tasks of rehabilitating inmates and we  work at sending  you your advance via Mpesa  ,without any delays.

 Usi sileki Afande, download Hela Pesa App leo ,Upate  Salary  Advance yako bila stress !

To learn more about the Hela Pesa kindly do not hesitate to reach out to us via call on our customer care line on +25420 7766 666 and you will be assisted immediately.

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Are you currently looking for a salary advance but you have already fully committed your payslip?

Does it seem impossible to get any additional amount to urgently sort an emergency or even invest in a once in a lifetime deal?

 Worry not!  Hela Pesa is the solution!

When I first heard of the Hela Pesa Top-up, I couldn’t quite get my head around it. The product sounded magical, out of this world. This was something that would help sort out my needs for cash and without adding further strain on my pay slip.

 Hela Pesa Top -up was first introduced to me by the Hela Pesa customer care, after I had sort for a second salary advance that would enable me to trade and make some more cash!

I, being the sharing Kind, will of course wish to; pass on the information to you. After all, sharing is caring.

Top- ups are salary advances that are offered to clients that have already existing loans that are being serviced with the option of extending the repayment period. This means that you have the benefit of getting   more money on top of your existing salary advance. 

 Other Benefits for Hela Pesa Top Apps are as follows:

Additional salary advance at the same monthly installment: The Hela Pesa Top -up is advantageous as you can be able to combine all of your existing loans into a single loan without necessarily changing the repayment installment, meaning that the total monthly repayment remains the same while you get more money credited to you!

Fast Processing: The processing of a Hela Pesa Top up is also very fast because you   already have an existing salary advance loan with Hela Pesa. Thus, these loans are perfect for emergencies!

Loan Tenure:  Hela Pesa Top -ups gives you the option of calculating the period by which you can extend your repayment period. This freedom allows you to choose the Top -up package that best suits your needs. You can also choose to extend your top up to up to a tenure equivalent to your existing payment period.

Consolidation of all loans: Once your top-up is approved, all your loans are combined into one!  This means that your pay slip they will now appear as one thus reducing the bulkiness. You will  also be able to track your payment progress  more easily !

Just like me, Reach out to the Hela Pesa Team today via their customer care line on +254207766666 or chat with them on  and get your  Hela Pesa Top App, today!

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“Mahn, I’m broke!” came a message on my smartphone from my friend.


“Mahn, I’m broke!”  came a message on my smartphone from my friend.

“Huh, broke? Really? Who goes broke in this modern world,” I said to myself as I continued thinking, “No! No! You can’t just go broke, not with these Hela Pesa times.”

 I replied to my friend’s text message with the words, ‘Hela Pesa! Hela Pesa!’

He couldn’t Just get it!  So, I called him. “Man, you have a smartphone, with Google play store, don’t you? “He quickly answered as a matter of fact “Of cause i do, What a question, Hun?”

“The answer is in your hands, on your phone, Brah  !  Just download the Hela mobile Pesa App and know why getting broke no longer happens in this country.”

By downloading the Hela Pesa mobile app from the App store or the Google play store, you get to enjoy quick finance. So there is no excuse of going broke.  There is no excuse of being unable to buy that item that your family urgently require. There is no excuse of not topping up on your finances to buy more stocks and make more money!  

 Hela Pesa Loan re payments are on check off with very easy repayment periods and no with harsh repayment policies and plans.

The fact that Hela Pesa Salary Advance services are online, all civil servants, parastatal staff, TSC and National Police service as well as selected County staff can conveniently access credit and enjoy their peace of mind 

Wakati Maji imeziidi unga au matumizi imezidi Salo, No need to worry!   Get your Salary Advance via Hela Pesa APP

One …… two ……three……  Let’s s go!  Download, Register, and Apply!

 Nisiskie tena mtu ati amesota!  Be sorted with Hela Pesa.  Alaaa! Alaaa!

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For the longest time, the lending industry has been one of the most rigid sectors in the financial industry. A lot of requirements and paperwork have been making it impossible for a majority of the population to access financing; for many, accessing credit or a salary advance is simply next to impossible.


This changes with the introduction of HELA PESA salary advance. Hela Pesa Salary advance is a check-off-based loan product that defies the norms of the traditional lending systems by providing an effective and efficient alternative. This allows customers to access Salary advances in a short period effectively and efficiently. Other benefits of the Hela Pesa advance include:


No security Needed: Whereas most financial institutions require huge collaterals for borrowers to be able to secure loans, the Hela Pesa salary advance is unsecured. You do not need to submit your logbook or your title deed for your loan to be approved thus no stress over your assets being auctioned.


No deposit Required: You do not need to have savings or deposits to access a Salary advance with Hela Pesa. Hela Pesa’s main requirement for you to access an advance is a payslip to prove that you are an employee of an institution Hela Pesa has signed an MOU with. Click here to see the institutions with a signed MOU with Hela Pesa.



No Guarantors: Hela Pesa understands the need for privacy and the complexity of involving third parties when applying for a loan and that is why you are not required to involve any guarantor when applying for a Salary advance.


No CRB Listing: Hela Pesa being a check-off-based loan product, your credit history or CRB listing status does not matter and hence cannot lock you out of acces


sing the advance. This means that clients listed in the CRB can also access an advance from Hela Pesa.




Hela Pesa is here to revolutionize how you access your salary advances for all your financial needs as they arise, in a convenient, effective, and efficient manner.


Enjoy the Hela Experience by Clicking HERE

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How the Hela are you broke?


“How the Hela are you broke?” my friend always asked when I said that ‘Nimesota’.

“Hela Pesa!! Hela Pesa!!!” he said and walked off leaving me wondering what those words meant.

‘Hela… Hela Pesa’ these words kept ringing through my mind .Wait a minute!

“Did he say, Hela, yet again? What is this Hela? I’ll get to the bottom of this” I thought to myself as I fetched out my smartphone.

It wasn’t the first time he had mentioned Hela Pesa and I was now determined to discover what it meant.

My   quick research showed that Hela Pesa is an easy mobile APP that allows   employees of Teachers Service Commission, National Police, Civil Servants, County and Parastatal’s staff   to access their Salary Advances through the APP, get the cash through their Mpesa lines and pay through flexible and comfortable check- off terms! I also noted that many seemingly satisfied customers  had commented on Hela Pesa Face Book page   that this  Hela Pesa APP had actually lived up to their slogan of “ Hela Pesa- Salary Advance Bila Stress !”

Yeeppee   !! This is it! Just what needed! ” I shouted to myself as I jumped up and almost hit the roof!   I had been going through a financial “dry spell” after I had prioritized on buying my mum, with my previous month’s salary, some things that she really needed. I had been at pains trying to figure out how I would pull through my financial obligations for the current month when my friend came and, thankfully, popped the word ‘Hela Pesa” in my mind.

After this interesting findings on Hela Pesa, I did not waste time!  As soon as I registered with Hela Pesa App and applied for my advance,  I got a pleasant surprise at  how fast  they acted on my request when I actually  saw the ‘Mulla  in  my Mpesa line – just  as I had read  and heard about them!

Since then and believe you me, Hela has been my convenient Financial Partner!


For me, Kusota is now a thing of the past!

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How the Hela Salary Advance is revolutionizing the Digital Lending Sector


Let’s admit it! We all have been there! We have made plans for the month and budgeted to our last coin, confident that, with the money. we will pull through the month. Then Pap! From nowhere, something crops up!  An offer for a good deal arises that will make us some quick, good money!!!  “Where do I get that urgent cash to enable me take advantage of that good deal and make more some profit? We ponder.

Sometimes, despite our meticulous planning, we just run out of cash, mid-month .And just like that our bubble bursts!   We are left in a dilemma.  “Do I sleep in the office and eliminate transport cost or do I just dream away my reality?”  You mutter to yourself.  But deep down you know that neither of this options is feasible.     But just as you are about to throw in the towel, up you remember HELA PESA!   With excitement your mind immediately goes to a peace mode. Alas! Your pressing need is just” an App away” from being sorted out by Hela Pesa!

Hela Pesa is a salary advance product offered to all Civil Servants, the National Police Service, and Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya Forestry Service, National Youth Service and Nairobi and Nakuru county employees- at the click of a button.

And that’s not all, Hela Pesa Salary Advance is so convenient that it has revolutionized the digital lending Industry in ways highlighted below.

Simple registration and loan application procedure: For the longest time, individuals had to face and go through a tedious and long process to be able to access a salary advance. They had to present themselves to the bank and most often than not, the process would drag to their next payday!

But with Hela Pesa the registration is online through the HELA PESA app.  You don’t even have to step out of your house or office. This so convenient during this COVID19 times!

Quick loan disbursement: With Hela Pesa the disbursement of your salary advance takes as fast as 15 minutes after successful application.. Hela Pesa team is highly efficient   and trained to understand that time waits for no man, not even a King!

Seamless advance repayment method:  The Hela Salary Advance is repayable through check off system.).Unlike other lending facilities, Hela Pesa will not blow up your phone demanding for payments or call your whole clan to embarrass you. Hela repayments are collected with decorum and with no invasion of your privacy or pride

Transparency:  Accountability and transparency is a core value at Hela Pesa.

Hela Pesa Salary Advance loan does not have any hidden charges and their customers can attest to this .A Customer gets to see their loan summary before submitting their application. This ensures that they select the salary advance product that best suits their needs and convenience.

Flexible repayment terms: The Hela Pesa Salary Advance can be repaid depending on one’s convenience as the loan usually runs between one month and 12 months. Hela understands that customers have different paces and priorities   hence Hela Salary Advances are a tailor made to fit their repayment schedules.

These, and, in many more others ways, is how Hela Pesa Salary Advance is revolutionizing the Digital Lending Sector

So if you are a staff of the mentioned institutions and happen to have a ‘dry financial spell ‘ during, any month, you can confidently  download the Hela Pesa App, Register and apply to get your salary advance


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As a small business owner in the market for a small business loan, you may have more than once come across terms such as online lenders, marketplace lenders or alternative lenders. These are phrases that are all used to describe the new category of non-bank and unregulated lenders that have recently emerged with the main aim of providing financing to small businesses that banks and other lenders may consider too risky.

To be honest, resorting to online business lenders comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, this is not only a futuristic wave, but it is also the wave happening right now, especially to small businesses that are looking for loans. This should obviously be a prominent option for small business owners seeking finances for their businesses. More often, online lenders offer these three main products to small businesses; lines of credit, term loans and accounts receivable financing. Here are some advantages for considering online lenders.

Advantages of Online Business Loans

There is arguably no other way to save time when it comes to looking for loans than going online. Unlike a hard application for traditional loans, applying for online loans is as easy as it can get. All you have to do is visit an online loan website, where you can compare the offer they give you to the offers of several other lenders. For example Hela Capital offers the lowest interest rates among the well-known online lenders.

When you are satisfied with an offer, you will fill in the information required and wait for their response, which in most cases, can take as little as a day to get the financing you require. As for Hela, it takes only a few minutes and you are done! Loan is approved and money disbursed to your MPESA.

Considering that the internet has made just about every part of our lives easier, you can apply for an online loan as well.

Whether you decide to apply online while out for lunch, traveling or while watching a nice movie, you can actually do it when the time is convenient for you. This is based on the fact that the internet is open 24/7 and so are the online loan application websites.

With online lending, small business owners don’t have to worry about numerous lenders having to access their credit reports every now and then. While too many requests for your credit report can have negative effects on your credit score, applying for an online loan or line of credit ensures that this negative effect is discarded because you only have one source tapping onto your credit report and information.

Online lending websites are advantageous in the sense that they let you compare several loan offers all at once on the internet. This is crucial and makes it easier to compare and get the best interest rates and terms possible. Again, remember that online lending can be a suitable option if you do not qualify for a bank loan and need funds immediately.


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