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Are you currently looking for a salary advance but you have already fully committed your payslip?

Does it seem impossible to get any additional amount to urgently sort an emergency or even invest in a once in a lifetime deal?

 Worry not!  Hela Pesa is the solution!

When I first heard of the Hela Pesa Top-up, I couldn’t quite get my head around it. The product sounded magical, out of this world. This was something that would help sort out my needs for cash and without adding further strain on my pay slip.

 Hela Pesa Top -up was first introduced to me by the Hela Pesa customer care, after I had sort for a second salary advance that would enable me to trade and make some more cash!

I, being the sharing Kind, will of course wish to; pass on the information to you. After all, sharing is caring.

Top- ups are salary advances that are offered to clients that have already existing loans that are being serviced with the option of extending the repayment period. This means that you have the benefit of getting   more money on top of your existing salary advance. 

 Other Benefits for Hela Pesa Top Apps are as follows:

Additional salary advance at the same monthly installment: The Hela Pesa Top -up is advantageous as you can be able to combine all of your existing loans into a single loan without necessarily changing the repayment installment, meaning that the total monthly repayment remains the same while you get more money credited to you!

Fast Processing: The processing of a Hela Pesa Top up is also very fast because you   already have an existing salary advance loan with Hela Pesa. Thus, these loans are perfect for emergencies!

Loan Tenure:  Hela Pesa Top -ups gives you the option of calculating the period by which you can extend your repayment period. This freedom allows you to choose the Top -up package that best suits your needs. You can also choose to extend your top up to up to a tenure equivalent to your existing payment period.

Consolidation of all loans: Once your top-up is approved, all your loans are combined into one!  This means that your pay slip they will now appear as one thus reducing the bulkiness. You will  also be able to track your payment progress  more easily !

Just like me, Reach out to the Hela Pesa Team today via their customer care line on +254207766666 or chat with them on  and get your  Hela Pesa Top App, today!

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