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Borrowing procedures

  1. Complete online loan application form.

  2. Assessment and approval of the application by Hela team.

  3. Application availed on the P2P platform for lenders.

  4. Log-in to the P2P platform for real-time tracking of the loan status.

  5. Access loan statements and other information online.

Lending procedures

  1. Complete online registration process on Hela Capital

  2. Vetting and account activation by Hela.

  3. Log-in to the P2P lending platform.

  4. Review available list of borrowers on the platform.

  5. If self-directed lender, review borrowers credit information, make lending decision and then wire loan directly to the borrowers account

  6. If lending under managed account, agree lending limits and criteria with Hela expert, avail cash for lending and then continuously review loan portfolio on the online platform.

  7. Online tracking of loan repayments, statements and online other information.

Role OF Hela Capital

  1. Provides a credible and secure match-making P2P platform.

  2. Acts as the intermediary between individual borrowers and lenders.

  3. Undertakes due diligence and credit checking of the borrowers before availing them on the platform for lending.

  4. Sets interest rates on the basis of an analysis of the borrower's credit.

  5. Custody of critical borrowers information.