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Hela Capital Ltd has created a virtual financial market place where lenders connect with borrowers through an online platform making it possible for investors to lend money to borrowers online. Borrowers have easy and quick access to loans online without the rigor of going to banks in person or waiting for approvals, and all that too within a matter of a few hours. Once loan applications are reviewed and approved, they are made available for lending to registered lenders on the P2P platform giving investors a greater access to attractive alternative fixed income investment which offers low volatility and high yield returns from consumer loans while the borrowers have access to well-priced loans that are processed in record time.


1. Self-Directed

Here, P2P investors/lenders have a direct access to peer-to-peer loans through the online lenders’ origination platform. Through self-directed investing, the individual investor makes investment selections according to his/her own strategy and works directly with the online loan applicants. For example, an investor can choose to only buy loans within a given range.

2. Managed Accounts

With a managed account, all aspects of the portfolio including loan selection, execution, idle cash management, and portfolio rebalancing are managed by Ekeza’s expert team. Managed accounts allow an investor to invest in peer-to-peer loans through multiple borrowers on a managed account investment platform, managing all of their peer-to-peer loans through a single dashboard.


Some of the loan products available to borrowers on the P2P platform include emergency loans, commercial and real estate loans, and salary advance loans; secured business loans, invoice discounting, development loans among others



  1. Earn alternative fixed income

  2. Earn higher returns compared to savings and investment products offered by banks.

  3. Earn passive income in the form of monthly principal and or interest payments as borrowers repay their loans.

  4. Build own portfolio through careful analysis of customers credit information available on the platform.

  5. Mitigate risk of bad debt by choosing which borrowers to lend to, and mitigate total risk by diversifying investments among different borrowers.


  • Provides a credible and secure match-making P2P platform.

  • Acts as the intermediary between individual borrowers and lenders.

  • Undertakes due diligence and credit checking of the borrowers before availing them on the platform for lending.

  • Sets interest rates on the basis of an analysis of the borrower's credit.

  • Custody of critical lenders and borrowers information.


  1. Complete online registration process on Hela Capital.

  2. Vetting and account activation by Hela.

  3. Log-in to the P2P lending platform.

  4. Review available list of borrowers on the platform.

  5. If self-directed lender, review borrowers credit information, make lending decision and then wire loan directly to the borrowers account.

  6. If lending under managed account, agree lending limits and criteria with Hela expert, avail cash for lending and then continuously review loan portfolio on the online platform.

  7. Online tracking of loan repayments, statements and online other information