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How the Hela are you broke?


“How the Hela are you broke?” my friend always asked when I said that ‘Nimesota’.

“Hela Pesa!! Hela Pesa!!!” he said and walked off leaving me wondering what those words meant.

‘Hela… Hela Pesa’ these words kept ringing through my mind .Wait a minute!

“Did he say, Hela, yet again? What is this Hela? I’ll get to the bottom of this” I thought to myself as I fetched out my smartphone.

It wasn’t the first time he had mentioned Hela Pesa and I was now determined to discover what it meant.

My   quick research showed that Hela Pesa is an easy mobile APP that allows   employees of Teachers Service Commission, National Police, Civil Servants, County and Parastatal’s staff   to access their Salary Advances through the APP, get the cash through their Mpesa lines and pay through flexible and comfortable check- off terms! I also noted that many seemingly satisfied customers  had commented on Hela Pesa Face Book page   that this  Hela Pesa APP had actually lived up to their slogan of “ Hela Pesa- Salary Advance Bila Stress !”

Yeeppee   !! This is it! Just what needed! ” I shouted to myself as I jumped up and almost hit the roof!   I had been going through a financial “dry spell” after I had prioritized on buying my mum, with my previous month’s salary, some things that she really needed. I had been at pains trying to figure out how I would pull through my financial obligations for the current month when my friend came and, thankfully, popped the word ‘Hela Pesa” in my mind.

After this interesting findings on Hela Pesa, I did not waste time!  As soon as I registered with Hela Pesa App and applied for my advance,  I got a pleasant surprise at  how fast  they acted on my request when I actually  saw the ‘Mulla  in  my Mpesa line – just  as I had read  and heard about them!

Since then and believe you me, Hela has been my convenient Financial Partner!


For me, Kusota is now a thing of the past!

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