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Son, A good partner is one who is confidential


“Son, A good partner is one who is confidential, secretive and does not tell or give personal details to outsiders. A good partner has a lot to offer his or her colleagues. A good partner is one whom you can sought out your differences with, without publicizing and involving other people or outsiders. A good partner wouldn’t put you to shame if you fail to give back. A good partner is also kind, and honest.”

“But, but mum, a good partner should also be beautiful!” I interrupted but she responded cheerfully “Son ! I’m not talking about a wife or marriage partner, Silly!  I’m referring to a financial partner, and specifically Hela Pesa APP !!!.”

Hela Pesa is a Mobile App  ‘credit only’ Limited Company. It offers  mobile sala Pesary advances  to  thousands of its customers  drawn form the  Civil Service,  Parastatals, Teachers Service Commission, National Police service,  National Youth Service  and selected counties.

 Hela Pesa is  not just a financial institution. It  is a trusted  convenient  financial partner.  A real example of a friend in need!

Hela Pesa has a state-of-the-art technology that ensures your personal details/information does not leak or get hacked. No Hela Pesa Customer has ever heard that their friends  or family have been called by Hela Pesa informing them  that they need to  pay up their loan!

If Confidentiality was a company, it would be Hela Pesa.!

Some financial firms put you to shame if you fail to pay your loan on time. They contact your relatives telling them how you’ve defaulted, and also go to extend of publicizing your name in media. But with Hela Pesa, that is UNHEARD of  !!

 Hela Pesa are professional, flexible and understanding.  With Hela Pesa, there are No Threats, No Intimidation, No blackmail.

 Download Hela Pesa APP   from google play store, register and apply! Be served by the best  

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