Shoppers Paradise,  Nakuru

Call:0795 637 092 / 0789 858 854


Madonna House, Westlands, Nairobi

Call:0795 637 092 / 0789 858 854

For Enquiries Call: +254 207 766 666, Whatsapp: +254 742 866 677 or Email Us:

Support Specialist


“She always says hello and smiles to customers. She welcomes them with a lot of appreciation,
dignity and honour. She portrays proper grasp and mastery of the various items and products on
offer. She not only responds to clients’ queries but also offers additional information for clarity. Not
only does she sell to customers but also offers them advice on how using a product can help solve
their problem and satisfy their need. She is polite to them and is very helpful …….”

“Yeah, that’s how a perfect shopkeeper should be,” I interrupted. “No, no, no, noooooo,” my
workmate quickly interrupted, “I’m not talking about a shopkeeper, I just described to you the Hela
Pesa Salary Advance!

Efficient, helpful and pleasant Customer Care , is what Hela Pesa Customer Care C entre is all

Hela Pesa company has a well-trained, qualified personnel that gives proper and professional
customer care to their customers The firm is so efficient that requests for salary advance are
processed within minutes just after approval is done . It’s fantastic customer care has led to mobile
salary advance clients increasing to their thousands, all drawn from Parastatals, Civil Service, C
Selected County Governments, the National Police Service, the Judiciary, and the Teachers Service

You can have a one-on-one conversation with Hela Pesa via their Call Care telephone number +254
207 766 666 OR through their WhatsApp line +254 742 866 677 or through their email address
If you want to access your salary advance ,meet a pressing need and have peace of mind , look no
further than Hela Pesa Salary Advanc!

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