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Industry News

In the wake of covid-19, the last couple of months (feels like years) have been hard on not only all of us but also on the different sectors of our day-to-day life. There has been a cloud of uncertainty and to a certain degree, economic shut-down. It is like the great depression.

To survive these hard times, you need to have an Ace up your sleeve, and this ace is Hela Pesa APP.

As we all know, Hela Pesa is a salary advance product offered to all civil servants, Staff of the Kenya Police, the Administration Police, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya Forest service, the National Youth Service, Nakuru and Nairobi counties just to mention but a few.

In today’s article, I will highlight scenarios in which the HELA PESA salary advance loan may come in handy and rescue you from a fix during these difficult times.

Starting a side hustle with a Hela Pesa Salary Advance:

There is no better security than having an alternate source of income during a pandemic. It not only gives you peace of mind but also helps caution you from loss of a livelihood ,in case ,the worst happens. This is why you need to get the Hela Pesa Salary Advance today and set up that side-hustle! It does not matter how small you start. Remember, great endings have humble beginnings. You just need to  have faith , be courageous and  set up shop  !  The  good news is that  in case you get stuck along the way ,you could  always get a Hela Pesa Top up to give you the much needed boost!

Sorting  your  day to day bills with the Hela Pesa Salary Advance:

Have you received   unexpected bills that are exhausting your salary before the end of the month?  Did you buy too much sanitizers and left yourselves lacking other basic commodities to help you pull through the month?

You can always count on Hela Pesa Salary Advance to come through for you !

The Hela Pesa Salary Advance is easy to apply and is disbursed very fast. To sweeten the deal, you can apply for the advance from anywhere and at any time at your own convenience!

So do not let those bills get the best of you during these hard times!  Just get the Hela Pesa Salary Advance! It is always your proven friend in need!

School fees with the Hela Pesa Salary Advance loan:

The covid-19 disrupted the school calendar meaning that many of us will be required to pay school fees back-to-back with only 2 weeks term breaks.

Now, you will agree with me that this is where the Hela pesa salary advance comes in!  

You can access your  Salary Advance from Hela pesa  APP and sort  out the school fees and then pay the loan  gradually  with manageable installments.

The list is endless but I have just touched on a few. Remember no matter the need or urgency, Hela Pesa will always deliver you from any kind of a financial fix and help you take advantage of new opportunities.

Get the Hela Pesa App today and ride through the post covid-19 times like a Boss -Bila stress !

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